Vintage Buying Guide

Do you want to wear vintage clothing but don't know where to start with sizes?

Saitta 1960 will guide you step by step during your purchase, even if it is easier than it seems.
To buy vintage first hand, there are two most important things you need to know: the size and the condition of the product.

Furthermore, with our garments there is an additional advantage: having never been worn, they have never been deformed: therefore the dimensions are faithful.

Size guide

You should know that the standard measurements of vintage clothing have undergone alterations over time. For this reason, don’t be discouraged by the size on the label, because it could be completely different from today’s size! Check the measurements inside the description carefully: we suggest you “measure yourself” with a tape measure to find out the right fit of a garment. In the description you will find the “Official” size of the item of clothing and the dimensions expressed in CM (centimetres). Trust these measurements to find the size that corresponds to you!

Below, the measurement method we use at Saitta1960 to know the correct measurements of the garments.

All measurements are taken flat

Knitwear / Shirts / Jackets / Coats / Dresses

A: Shoulder – Measurement taken from end to end of the shoulder
B: Chest – Measurement taken from immediately under the armpit to the other armpit
C: Sleeve – Measurement taken from the end of the shoulder to the cuff
D: Length – It is the maximum length of the clothing item


A: Waist – Measurement taken on the sides of the waist, doubling it gives you the circumference
B: Length – Measurement taken from waist to hem

Pants / Jeans / Shorts

A: Waist – Measurement taken on the sides of the waist, doubling it gives you the circumference
B: Length – Measurement taken from waist to hem
C: Hem – Measurement taken from one end of the bottom hem to the other

Guide to VIntage Conditions

At Saitta1960 we are very clear about the conditions of our first-hand vintage: this is why we describe its condition, item by item. A good start is that they have never been worn: so the only defects concern wear over time or storage (for example, folding).

After having rechecked them item by item with a careful eye, we have adopted five criteria to describe the current conditions of the products for sale on our site.

A new item with original label: a dream for all vintage lovers.

A new item, with label from our Saitta1960 shop.

A new item, which shows no signs of ageing, no stains or defects.

A new item that shows several obvious signs of aging. All defects are illustrated in detail in the descriptive sheet.

Remember that every vintage item is unique and you might not be able to find it tomorrow. What are you waiting for? Add a piece of history to your wardrobe.

For any doubts, consult our FAQ section or contact us directly.

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