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Saitta 1960 is not vintage. It is vintage with the label. All the garments on sale are warehouse remnants of the historic family shop "Carmelo Saitta": no old garments, which carry smells, wear and changes of ownership over the decades. Nor are contemporary garments: in Saitta 1960 we decided not to restock. The garments are the same that the store exhibited twenty years ago.


The selection of Saitta 1960 garments derives from the work of the historical founders, who opened the doors of the shop in 1960. The high quality fabrics and workmanship are far from the fast fashion we are used to today: they belong to a time when few, "good" garments hung in the wardrobes.


What's more sustainable than buying vintage? The supply is in the basement, the manufacturing does not require further, unfair, human efforts. The materials are those of the past, free of non-biodegradable substances: washing them in the washing machine will not risk spreading microplastics that are harmful to the environment.

Special OFFERS!

Li chiamiamo bauli, ma quel che vendiamo è ciò che contengono: una collezione di capi selezionati dal nostro vintage di prima mano, da poter acquistare in un colpo solo. Sono a un prezzo speciale perché è possibile che abbiano piccole usure legate al tempo, alla conservazione o alla piegatura. Se le abbiamo comunque ritenute idonee alla vendita è perché sono capi ottimi e ancora perfetti da aggiungere a un armadio che ricerchi la qualità di una volta.

We ship throughout Italy in 24 / 48h, 72h for Sardinia and 5 days for the rest of Europe.

At the time of delivery, did you realize that the item purchased is not what you expected? The return is free!

Secure and most used online payment methods, also thanks to the consumer protection policy.

100% made in italy

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Saitta 1960 di Giulia Saitta
Via Nazionale 326, 96100 Cassibile (SR)


P.IVA: 11271690965

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